The Internet Cognitive Ability Test Secondary level (ICCT-M) measures the cognitive ability or intelligence of the applicant (g-score). Cognitive ability is a good predictor of future work performance. The ability to process information rapidly and to think rationally are important determinants of work performance, including how fast the applicant will learn new things, his problem solving skills and which job responsibilities the applicant can handle.

The ICCT-M is developed for candidates with secondary education level. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the test. The ICCT-M contains 6 different subtests. These subtests cover different domains of cognitive capability. The subtests are classification, mistakes in sentences, coding, sums, figures and puzzles. Every subtest has a time limit.

In the report the g-score and scores on verbal, mathematical and spatial intelligence are presented.

Research has demonstrated that the predictive validity of cognitive ability tests is high.

The ICCT-M is available in English and in Dutch. The test can be administered via internet.


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