Questionnaire Work Values

Work values indicate what people find important in their work, what motivates them and what makes them fit or not fit with an organisation. Work values are related to personality and interests but differ from these because they relate to the appreciation of characteristics in the work itself.    

The existing Questionnaire Work Values was thoroughly revised in December 2020 and has since then been given the name QWW-R (with the addition 'R' of Revision).

The QWW-R is intended to provide a structured picture of a participant's work values and contains questions about various aspects of the work, resulting in a personal evaluation of seven value domains. These value domains are (partly) based on the value model of Dawis & Lofquist. This model was also selected for the value facet in O*Net.

The QWW-R contains seven scales. These are:

- Recognition

- Working Conditions

- Learning and Performance

- Social Impact

- Dynamics (vs stability)

- Independence

- Leadership and Influence

 The VWW-R is suitable for persons with an intermediate vocational education level and higher. The questionnaire contains 109 short questions and the test duration is less than ten minutes.

Norms are based on the answers of 584 people who completed the Questionnaire Work Values.

The average reliability (internal consistency) is higher than .80.

Output: seven scale scores in quintiles (1-5). A qualitative report with further explanation of the scales and interpretation of the scores is available.


Sager, C.E. (1999). Occupational interests and values. In: Peterson, N.G., Mumford, M.D., Borman, W.C., Jeanneret, P.R., & Fleishman, E.A. (Eds.) An Occupational Information System for the 21st Century: The Development of O*Net, (Ch. 12, pp. 197-211). Washington DC: American Psychological Association


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