T-station delivers carefully designed instruments. All instruments can be completed locally by the customer on PC's with an internet connection. Tests of T-station are conducted completely online.

Several processes are described below: requesting an account, conducting a test and use of the reporting module.

Requesting an administrator login

The first step towards the use of T-station products. This login gives you access to T-station's management environment. You will receive a manual about the functions of this environment. Included in this is an overview of tests you aim to use. Two types of administrator roles exist in T-station:
  • Organizational administrators: this user manages all organizational and departmental data.
  • Departmental administrators: this user manages departmental data within an organization. Only tests and candidates relevant to the department are visible to this user.

For users without a psychological education we offer a training of one half or one full day which covers the following issues:
  • The different products and their theoretical foundation.
  • The conducting of tests and the requesting and printing of reports.
  • Interpretation of test results, how you can use the results of tests for making decisions or to help you prepare for the next stage of the procedure (e.g. the selection interview).
  • Answers to FAQ's.

Preparing test logins

Tests can be assigned to (groups of) users in the management environment of T-station.

User accounts created by administrators consist of a user name, password and organizational code. User names and other user data can be imported from a database as well. User data can be seen in the user management system in T-station.

Administering a test

Each test candidate will receive login information from the administrator. Unique user names can be created in T-station, or imported from for instance a personnel file. Administrators can assign tests to one or multiple users. After logging in, candidates are presented with the tests assigned to them. When these users log in to start their test(s), the software ensures that the test or test series will be presented to the candidate in the proper order and that the answers will be uploaded to the web server.

User names can be matched with user data such as name, address and email address by administrators. This data is only visible to those allowed to.  User data will not be erased after completion; new tests can be assigned to users at a later point in time.

Accessing test results and reports

The program will ensure that only administrators have access to the information for the persons to whom tests are administered (through the login information provided by administrators). Results can be requested in T-station.